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identify. design. deploy. measure.

Identify your business goals then rapidly design and deploy your enterprise gamification solution. Measure your increase in employee productivity and repeat.

How it works


Identify a single business objective. It could be a statement such as "I want to increase sales" or "I want to provide better customer support". Next, identify 3 behaviors that contribute towards your objective. For example, "I want more leads entered into my CRM" or "I want to handle urgent support tickets faster". Make sure these behaviors can be automatically tracked in your business systems or manually tracked by a manager.


Choose the game mechanics that will best motivate your team to accomplish your desired behaviors. You can choose from badges, certs, skill points, rewards, leaderboards and more. For example, you could issue virtual currency for adding new leads in Salesforce or ZOHO CRM or skill points for resolving urgent support tickets in Zendesk, or Freshdesk.


Use our prebuilt solutions to integrate your business systems or visit our Learning Center to create your own. Custom integration can be as simple as inserting a few lines of code into your business systems, depending on your requirements.


We make it easy to continuously improve your employees' performance and engagement. After your enterprise gamification deployment has been up and running for a while, you'll want to measure your results using Microsoft Excel or other reporting tools compatible with the OData standard. If your results show improvements, consider repeating the process to enhance another business objective. If they didn't improve as much as you hoped, analyze the reasons and adjust your design.