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Customize your profile theme

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Before you begin...

  • You need a RedCritter account if you don't have one already.
  • You need a high-res or tileable JPG or PNG image to use as the background of your Theme.
Step 1: Log in

Step 1: Log in

Visit to login to your RedCritter Profile.

Step 2: Customize Theme

Step 2: Customize Theme

Click the gear on the top right of your Profile to show a list of settings, then click Customize theme.

Step 3: Design Custom Background

Step 3: Choose Existing Theme

If you would like to use a different standard theme, click any of the options available to see how they look.

Step 4:  Upload Custom Background

Step 4: Upload Custom Background

Click the upload custom background button and select the image on your computer you want to use.

Step 4: Design Custom Background

Step 5: Design Custom Background

You have the options to stretch, tile or align your image.

A stretched image will fill the entire background. A tiled image will repeat infinitely in every direction. An aligned image requires selecting a specific location on the screen.

Step 5: Change Background Color

Step 6: Change Background Color

If you are aligning your background image, you may need to change the background color to match your image. Click the colored square to pick a new color, or paste in a custom hex code.

Step 6: Check your New Theme

Step 7: Check your New Theme

When you're done designing, that's it! Your new custom theme should be active.

If you want to make changes, go back to Step 4.

All Done!

Thanks for watching this video tutorial. We can't wait to see your new theme!