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RedCritter for Windows Phone 8

Get your RedCritter profile on your phone. Receive real-time live tile notifications when your accomplishments change. Use location based group messaging and polls.

Compatibility: Requires Windows Phone 8 or later.

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RedCritter Windows Phone 8 App

RedCritter for Windows Phone 8 is the place where you can view your RedCritter profile and achievements. You can share your RedCritter profile via NFC devices, device bumping, QR Code, Text Message or Email.

Profile features

  • Live tile push notifications
  • Profile and contact information
  • Social links
  • Activity feed
  • Badges
  • Certs
  • Accolades
  • Skills
  • Rewards store
  • Leaderboards
  • Favorites (view your friends and coworkers)
  • Syncs with phone contacts
  • Pin live tile shortcuts for your favorites
  • Store your profile on NFC devices
  • Bump with other Windows Phones to share your profile

Group messaging features

  • Location based groups
  • Group messaging
  • Skydrive attachments
  • Instant polling with result pie charts
  • Store groups on NFC devices
  • Leave groups at a GPS location
  • Share groups via QR code
  • Cross post to Yammer
  • Public and private groups

Simply install this app and sign in to access your RedCritter profile.

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