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The easiest way to create and issue Open Badges

RedCritter makes creating and issuing Mozilla open badges simple. Design your badges using our badge designer and issue badges with our web, mobile apps and APIs. No developers or programming is required!

RedCritter Connecter automatically publishes your badges and certs to Open Badge.

Compatibility: Mozilla Open Badge Specification

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RedCritter for Mozilla Open Badges

RedCritter makes publishing badges to Mozilla Open Badge faster, easier and more powerful. Our platform automatically forwards badges issued from our mobile apps, web apps and APIs to Mozilla Open badge backpacks. We eliminate the need for complex programming, file hosting and difficult APIs. Our platform provides additional options for managing badge security as well as more advanced features such as skill tracking, virtual currency, reward stores, leaderboards and more.

Your members can also receive real-time notifications on their iPhone, Android or Windows Phone when they earn new badges. They can also view, personalize and share their RedCritter profile using our web or mobile apps.

Supported features

  • Issue badges or certs to Mozilla backpacks
  • Supports external links to details and evidence
  • Supports badge expiration
  • Visual badge designer
  • No programming required
  • No file hosting required

Advanced features

  • Create and issue a badge in minutes
  • Issue badges with NFC and device bumping
  • Issue badges with QR codes and special links
  • Use voice recognition for hands-free badge issuing
  • Become a trusted badge issuer
  • Provides additional features such as skills, virtual currency and rewards store
  • Issue badges with our native mobile and web based apps
  • View profiles with our native mobile and web based apps
  • Use our simple APIs to integrate with other systems
  • Works with all our solutions for ZenDesk, Freshdesh, Salesforce, SharePoint and more
  • Added privacy layer for badges that should not be seen outside your organization
  • Includes reporting and access to your raw data

Learn how to create a badge compatible with Mozilla Open Badges using RedCritter Connecter.
Running time 2 minutes
Created 4/9/2015

Learn how to connect your RedCritter Profile to your Mozilla Backpack.
Running time about a minute
Created 4/9/2015