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RedCritter for iPad

Get your RedCritter profile on your iPad.

Compatibility: Requires iPad 2 or newer. Just visit on your iPad.

See also: Our RedCritter iPhone App also works on iPad. Use it to receive real-time notifications.

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"iPad", "Apple", "Tablets", "Enterprise Gamification", "Employee Engagement"

RedCritter iPad (HTML 5) works great on your iPad. View your RedCritter profile and achievements, give accolades and share your RedCritter profile via QR Code or Email.

Profile features

  • Profile and contact information
  • Social links
  • Activity feed
  • Badges
  • Certs
  • Accolades
  • Skills
  • Rewards store
  • Leaderboards
  • Favorites (view your friends and coworkers)

Group messaging features

  • Group messaging
  • Skydrive attachments
  • Instant polling with result pie charts
  • Share groups via QR code or link
  • Cross post to Yammer
  • Public and private groups

Simply visit from your iPad and sign in.