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RedCritter for Google Classroom

Use real-time recognition and rewards with your Google Classroom.

Compatibility: Google Classroom and RedCritter Teacher.

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Google Classroom

RedCritter for Google Classroom gives you powerful new teaching tools to engage your students and motivate them to be their best. RedCritter Teacher lets you import and invite all your Google Classroom students with just a few of clicks.

Video overview

Learn about key features of RedCritter Teacher.
Running time 2 minutes
Created 3/31/2015

Import students

Learn how to leverage an existing Google Classroom account to create classes and invite students.
Running time 2 minutes
Created 7/16/2015

Top features

  • Import classes and student rosters from Google Classroom
  • Distribute Badges to students
  • Distribute Certs to students
  • Track skill progression over time
  • Issue reward points and manage a classroom currency
  • Mobile apps for Apple, Android and Windows Phone
  • Real-time wallboard display for the class
  • Distribute recognition instantly by bumping your Android or Windows Phone to wearables, bubbles or stickers from the RedCritter Store
  • A whole lot more!

White paper & feature overview

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Wearables and stickers

RedCritter Teacher gives you convenient new ways to distribute achievements to your students. With RedCritter Achievement Wearables™ and accessories you can quickly give out badges, skill points, virtual currency and more with just a bump of your phone.

Simply sign up for a trial RedCritter Teacher account to get started.