RedCritter Corp., today announced immediate availability of its Salesforce Chatter feed integration. RedCritter's Chatter integration allows RedCritter members to publish their enterprise gamification achievements to their company's Salesforce Chatter feed in real-time. Recognizing employees' accomplishments in the workplace has been shown to create an almost instant increase in company productivity. This solution helps companies socialize and celebrate individual achievements.

"When RedCritter is used with Salesforce Chatter, it creates an automated, collaborative feed that encourages team members to work together to be their best." said Erika Lambert, RedCritter COO. "When members opt-in to this feature they can instantly share their accomplishments with all their Chatter followers."

- Erika Lambert, RedCritter COO

RedCritter Chatter support includes real-time notifications that are broadcast when employees earn skill levels, move up leaderboards and even when they earn badges or certifications designed and distributed by their employer.

Professionals can use the app to share their RedCritter profiles including their contact details and accomplishments via link or their own personal QR code which is automatically generated.

RedCritter for Salesforce Chatter is immediately available for free. Visit to learn more.