Dallas, TX – September 25, 2013 RedCritter Corp., today announced the general availability of RedCritter Connecter its ground-breaking employee engagement and productivity platform. RedCritter Connecter delivers broad gamification capabilities that enable companies to better engage their employees, retain top talent and increase day-to-day productivity.

RedCritter provides cloud services for incorporating badges, certifications or certs, skill tracking, leaderboards and more into any business system, even internally developed in-house applications. The RedCritter platform offers corporations the ability to issue their own virtual currency and manage their own Reward Stores.

While other platforms are attempting high-risk, one-off “point solutions” which result in isolated silos of functionality within companies, RedCritter is a unified platform that can span every business system regardless of department, division or location. RedCritter even allows for inclusion of non-employee facing programs that can include partners, vendors, suppliers and customers.

"The cloud has revolutionized how companies manage their IT infrastructure by providing web-based automation and management. Today we are extending the capabilities of the cloud." said Mike Beaty, RedCritter CEO. "With RedCritter the cloud can reach beyond your hardware, software and applications. Now it can reach your employees, the people actually doing the work. Companies can finally use the cloud to manage engagement and productivity, things that have a dramatic impact on every company’s bottom line."

RedCritter is simple to deploy. It offers popular REST-style developer interfaces allowing for integration into business system in a matter of minutes. RedCritter also includes pre-built clients for iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone as well as apps for Office 365 and SharePoint that allow employees to view and share their accomplishments.

Social network integration is available with company and employee level opt-in. It allows employees to automatically share their accomplishments by pushing real-time messages to their Yammer, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Advanced support for QR codes, Near-Field-Communications (NFC) and more is included so that managers have multiple ways to distribute rewards and recognition.

RedCritter is built for massive scalability on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud with a pay-as-you- go subscription model, making it suitable for companies of all size to rapidly deploy and leverage the latest engagement, gamification and enterprise collaboration techniques.

RedCritter is immediately available. Visit www.redcritterconnecter.com to get started.