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RedCritter releases 6 new enterprise gamification apps and extensions for Microsoft SharePoint

Drives new levels of employee engagement and productivity in SharePoint

RedCritter Corp., today announced immediate availability of its enterprise gamification apps and extensions for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. They work in conjunction with RedCritter Connecter, RedCritter's enterprise gamification platform that increases employee productivity through automated recognition and rewards. This new solution integrates seamlessly into SharePoint to provide tools to automatically manage recognition and rewards directly from within SharePoint.

"Microsoft SharePoint is the solution of choice for company portals world-wide. Our enterprise gamification platform, RedCritter Connecter, takes SharePoint to new heights by integrating the tools required to drive employee productivity and engagement."

- David Jenness, RedCritter Product Manager

RedCritter has released 5 Apps as well as Workflow extensions that integrate into SharePoint without any code. RedCritter Profiles for SharePoint displays each employee's accomplishments, including skill levels, badges, accolades, social links and more on their SharePoint profile page. RedCritter Profile Search for SharePoint allows users to find employees based on their accomplishments and exact skills levels. RedCritter Rewards Store for SharePoint allows companies to issue virtual currency and let their employees spend it in their own company Rewards Store. RedCritter Feeds for SharePoint provide live streaming views of accomplishments. RedCritter Leaderboards for SharePoint allows leaderboards, based on any tracked metric, to be displayed on any SharePoint page. RedCritter has also released compatible APIs that integrate, without code, into standard SharePoint workflows using SharePoint Designer. These APIs allow SharePoint to issue rewards and recognition to employees as they work within the portal.

RedCritter for SharePoint Apps and Extensions are included for free with every RedCritter Connecter account. RedCritter's enterprise gamification solutions for SharePoint are immediately available. Visit to learn more.