RedCritter Teacher for Windows 10 includes Cortana, an intelligent assistant that learns about your classes and students and can provide unique classroom insights. Simply ask a question or give a command and Cortana will help you out.

Here are just a few of the things you can say...

  • "Give Tim five skills points."
  • "Give Jane and Mark the Hard Work badge."
  • "Take the attendance."
  • "Who is a beginner in quadradic equations?"
  • "Give Bill and Jose 15 points in arithmetic."
  • "Start a 30 second countdown."
  • "Pick a random student."
  • "Give Table A five points for teamwork."
  • "Give Cecelia 25 reward points."
  • "What are Kim's skills?"
  • "Who is the leader in correct answers?"
  • "Show me the seating chart."
  • "Who has the Challenge Accepted badge?"
  • "Send me a list of these students."

Cortana can also announce achievements out loud to your class as they happen, giving students real-time social recognition for the efforts.

Learn how to use Cortana in the new Windows 10 app for teachers.
Running time 4 minutes
Created 9/28/2015

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