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API Reference


Retrieves a RedCritter user profile.
This version of the GetUserProfileByAppDomain command retrieves a copy of the user profile based on the App Domain.{SecretKey}&ProfileEntity={ProfileEntity}&publicKeys={PublicKeys}&keyFiltered=false
SecretKeystringyesThis SecretKey is an App or App Domain Secret Key. If an App Secret Key is specified, your default App Domain will be assumed. If an App Domain Secret Key is specified, that App Domain will be used.
ProfileEntitystringyesThe ProfileEntity represents to whom the API call will apply. This can be an email address or a team name. Multiple email addresses or teams can be specified by separating them with a semicolon. Team names can be any string value other than an email address. If a team's profile does not exist, RedCritter will create one dynamically.
publicKeysstringyesOne or more App or AppDomain public keys (semicolon separated). In addition to the profiles items that are publishable these keys determine which non-publishable items will be returned with the profile (by determining that the call has access since the public key was provided)
keyFilteredboolyesWhen set to true, keyFiltered means to ignore any public keys that the user has added to their profile (prevents other unneeded items from being return in the key, since it limits the results to items available based on the passed in public keys.

Code Samples

Javascript, C#


API Information
Use Runtime
Invites User No
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Response JSON,XML
API Version 1