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The achievements platform

Recognize and reward your team's achievements. Our people-centric service works with your existing business systems to enhance your team's engagement, culture and productivity.

We bring game mechanics to the enterprise. Our service helps you acknowledge and reward the behaviors that make your company successful.

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Design your own badges and award them to anyone. Your employees can collect them to show off all their great achievements. Your business systems can even automatically issue badges when great things happen.
Reinforce formal learning at your company by creating and issuing your own certs (certifications). Your employees can collect them to highlight their competencies and learning milestones.
Peer-to-peer recognition has been shown to greatly improve workplace productivity. Allow your employees to thank each other for a job well done. Employees can pin accolades they receive on their profiles to showcase their collaboration.
Capture and log important actions from all your business systems. You can choose to link actions to badges, leaderboards and skills or just capture the data for analytics.
Create leaderboards to inspire competition. Recognize your top performers and encourage the others to be their best. Leaderboards can be based on any activity trackable in your business systems.
Give your employees motivation to level up! You can create and track skills for anything important to your organization. Your employees can automatically earn skill points as they perform their day-to-day work. Use the information to pinpoint experts at your company.
Run your own company rewards store and give out virtual currency to reward employee achievements. You can decide to offer virtual rewards or even real rewards like gift cards from all the major retailers.
With Shareables, your program managers can easily distribute badges, certs, skill points and even virtual currency by QR Code, special link or just by bumping phones!
It's easy to onboard your team to RedCritter. RedCritter Connecter automatically allows participants to opt-in to your App when they earn their first badge, cert or skill.

Use cases

Enhance every area of your business with enterprise gamification. RedCritter Connecter unifies all your company's departments and systems with a single engagement solution.

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Incorporate all your business systems and favorite devices with RedCritter. Our solutions work together seamlessly so you can mix and match them based on your systems and devices.

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Incorporate enterprise gamification and engagement mechanics into any business system with our developer APIs. Our learning center will walk you through the basics.

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See how RedCritter enhances SharePoint, Office 365, Outlook and Yammer. RedCritter enterprise gamification increases collaboration, powers expert searches and improves culture and team productivity.
Running time 3 minutes
Created 1/28/2014